Monitoring, Controlling of Maxlogic Series Addressable Control Panels or Other Brand Control Panels and also Storing event data, via Supervisor software:

- Projects on computer can be transferred to system as maps (all picture formats).

1000 different intelligent addressable fire detection system can be monitored and managed with single supervisor.

The communication between PC and fire alarm system can be done via RS-232 or RS-485 and for longer distance GPRS or TCP-IP ports can be used.


Inputs for monitoring other systems
Input 1: System Fault
Input 2: Warning
Input 3: Fault
Input 4: Fire

Outputs for controlling other systems
Output 1: Silence Alarm
Output 2: Reset
Output 3: Alarm
Output 4: Evacuation



Architectural site plans of the building are defined to the Supervisor graphic software program as maps and all the fire alarm system devices are shown on these maps.

- Determined areas can be monitored graphical and it provides to exchange between maps in case of fire and fault events.
- Animations, device types and event voices can be changed by users.


Projects on computer can be transferred to system as maps (all picture formats).

In case of any event, the event location map is shown on screen and detailed alarm information is provided to the user for exact determination.

CCTV Integration

Can be integrated to all kindes of CCTV systems, (all brands and models) with remote monitoring software.
In determined areas present CCTV cameras can be monitored manually or automatically through automation ability.
With ONVIF integration, fire detection system can be software integrated and operate with all ONVIF based security systems.

IP Phone

Possibility to communicate with other panels telephone modules and firefighter’s telephone units. Also, conference call can be done all
telephones within network.


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