Firefighting and safety equipment

Accident does not announce, be prepared by our equipment

Increasing of industries  and, in parallel, increasing the rate of accidents in our country, forced managers and industry owners to use modern equipment and machinery in fire alarm industrial systems along with the development of creative, knowledgeable and expert personnel.


Includes all equipment that can be used during fire and rescue operations or after operation. Such as a alarm and warning devices, a projector, etc., and a rescue kit that is essential for better operation and would reduce risk.


The equipment used by a firefighter is vital for survival and his safety. Without this equipment, the firefighter will not be able to enter a burning building, and save one who is stuck in the building. A professional firefighter must know each department and how to use it.


Firefighters, who use all their efforts to save injured people, should be assure about their safety using the necessary conditions and standards, during the survival operations. MSH Co. is proud of providing the standard and quality equipment to keep firefighters safe.

Firefighting gloves

MSH Co. has the perfect firefighting glove for any situation.

Protective boots

MSH Co. provides protective boots which the best support for protection against flames, heat, sharp objects and cold.

Protective clothing

The clothing line ranges from protective suits and suits for rescue operations to operational and functional clothing.

Firefighting helmets

Firefighting helmets provides the best protection for emergency personnel.

Power generators

MSH Co. provides power generators which combine safety, performance and functionality.

High performance fans

High performance fans deliver quick visibility in critical moments.

Submersible pumps

Provider of submersible pumps which impress easy handling.


Nozzles with maximum extinguishing effect and minimal water consumption.

LED lighting system

The smart lighting system,  easy handling with excellent lighting performance.

HAZMAT and decon equipment

The right solutions for accidents with hazardous substances.

Alarm and warning devices

Mabnaye Sazeh Hooshmand Co. offers alarm and warning devices with 100% reliability.

Fittings, couplings, proportioner

The complete product palette of couplings and fittings, proportioners, distributors and adapters.

Respiratory and chemical protection, measurement technology

In firefighting operations, the protection of emergency personnel against flue gases and toxic gases and fumes is the highest priority.

Electrical equipment

A wide selection of lighting equipment, cable reels and additional electrical equipment systems.

Firefighting devices, extinguishing agents

Firefighting devices and extinguishing agents are very useful, above all, for fighting incipient fires. For quick and easy operation.

Fire station equipment

The product line ranges from fire department clothing, through to cleaning systems and hose suspension devices.

Sanitary and rescue equipment

Stretchers, rescue sets, sanitation equipment, fall protection systems. Everything you need for First-Aid.


Discharge hoses, high pressure hoses, suctions hoses and related accessories.

Rescue operations

Essential for rescue operations: hydraulic rescue equipment, lifting cushions and air-tight cushions, pulley blocks, hand tools and much more.

""Entrust your safety to the expert"

Mabnaye Sazeh Hooshmand


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