Fire extinguishing system

Foam extinguishing system

Gas extinguishing system

Water extinguishing system

MSH Co. set international standards with its innovative solutions to fire prevention and risk management.

A fire extinguishing system designed by a specialist provides the best possible protection for people and property. In the case of a fire, it will minimise the damage. Our engineers always choose the right kind of automatic extinguishing system and suppression agent for each particular case on the basis of the fire load, type of premises and the activities carried out in them. In the case of changes in the use of premises, we will modify the extinguishing system according to the regulations applicable.
Test and Charge

Based on the international standard, all systems require periodic tests, especially high-pressure cylinders which according to the NFPA standard, must be disposed in a certain period, in accordance with type of system, and the extinguisher. If the test result be positive, the cylinder will be recharged and installed in the system.


According to the variety of fire classes and also fire extinguishing systems, having a consultant have an important role in order to provide a proper system that meets the project's requirements, which is also economically efficient. To this, our consultants will be with the employer from the beginning to installing of system.


A fire extinguisher system, which designed by specialists, provides the best possible safety and, when fire occurs, minimizes damage. Our engineers always present the appropriate type of automatic fire extinguishing for each specific project, considering the probability of fire occurrence, the type of location and the activities carried out there.


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