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Which fire alarm systems would be appropriate for our building? How to find the most appropriate fire alarm system. In recent years, simultaneous to expansion of construction and the approval of national building laws, the use of the automatic fire alarm system has dramatically increased . Nowadays, there are different types of systems and products in this field. But how can we choose the most appropriate fire detection system for our own place? We introduce a variety of fire detection methods to choose the best method.

Fire alarm products

Addressable system

Addressable systems are a new generation of fire alarm systems that includes a closed loop of all fire alarm elements, which can be controlled and managed. The system, with many useful features, has the advantage of displaying the exact location of fire in comparing with the conventional system and it expedites detecting and fire extinguishing. This system is a great solution for large buildings. Mavili, in addition to mentioned features, offers other capabilities. Click to view these products.

Conventional system

The conventional fire alarm system is common solution for fire alarm systems, which designed with a specific number of zoned on a panel. This system has inputs for sensors and output for sounder and flasher equipment. Conventional systems are a convenient and affordable solution for small buildings. The weakness of these systems is the inability to detect the exact location of the fire, although the conventional system of Mavili has eliminated this problem using the Repeater Panel. Click to view these products.

Smoke control panel

One of the most lethal outcome of fire is toxic gases and smoke. Smoke control is one of the important issues in the design of parking lots and stairs. The statistics show that among the main causes of death in fire is that, the residents are not able to timely exit the building because of the blockage of the public staircase by smoke and combustion gases. The Mavili smoke control systems provided for parking lots according to international standards in order to stair protection, airducts, and parking. Click to view these products.

Gas detectors

One of the most important systems to prevent the fire and explosion is gas detection systems. Moreover, gas detectors are used in order to control of quality and carbon monoxide in parking lots. Due to the price and accuracy of gas detectors in comparison with air sampling, the using of gas detectors is more common and cost-effective. The Mavili Company has several gas detectors for hazardous and explosive gases. Click to view products.

Brief Resume of Mavili Company and its products' features

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It has the most complete fire alarm package, and fire extinguishing panel

More than 60 thousand projects have done by Mavili's products around the world

Detectors are compatible with all conventional control panels of different brands

Control panels are compatible with all detectors from different brands

Capability of connection to CCTV and remote control

Possibility to choose addressable elements (detector, manual call point) with isolator

Capability to monitor and control of up to 64 panel by using supervisor software

connectivity by TCP/IP (LAN)،RS

Water and Gas leakage detector

User friendly and easy installation with low fault alarm

Announce system in intelligence addressable fire alarm system

More than a decade of significant background in designing and implementing of intelligent fire alarm systems in collaboration with Mavili Company

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