Announce products

Announce / Alarm matrix panel provides the integration with announcement system and is compatible with 19”, 3U rack.

Announce system is compatible with addressable alarm panel.

Live announcement feature via present announce system to the determined areas by authorized people is provided with using internal announce module on Intelligent addressable fire panels.

When fire and/or emergency situation occurs; with using Alarm/Alert output modules,it provides an automatic announce with pre-recorded messages or sound records via present announce system to the determined areas.


  1. Compatible with 19”, 3U rack
  2. Modular structure expandable up to 16 modules
  3. Modules can be selected as announce microphone input and / or programmable alarm / warning output
  4. Up to 32 units of announce module connection inputs
  5. Ability perform announcement in 8 zone with the help of 60 announce microphone
  6. Possibility to perform announcement with pre-recorded messages in required zones
  7. Led indicators for communication and fault events
  8. LED indicators for active announce modules and active relay outputs
  9. Internal power supply


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