Mabnaye Sazeh Hooshmand?

We know our capabilities,  Most Important, you can trust us because of these reasons:

Cooperation with Best Brands in the World

MSH Co. in fire alarm systems is collaborating with Mavili Co.  In addition, in the field of fire extinguishing, it has extensive relationship with the best European and American brands.

Qualified experts and engineers

By being beneficial of an experienced and highly qualified technical team, MSH Co. is able to conduct great projects with the best performance in the shortest possible time.

Using of Newest Knowledge and Technology

MSH Co. is using the most up-to-date knowledge and technology around the world, in order to improve the quality of products and provide best services to its customers.

Exclusive Representatives of MSH Co.


Firefighting Day

Azadi Tower Project

We proud of completion of phase 1 of Azadi Project and we are starting the second phase for equipping alarm and extinguishing systems.

Firefighting Robotics in Iran

MSH team try to follow the newest technology in the world. We would like to introduce new products which improve fire protection industry in Iran, soon.

Special Offer in MSH Co.

We will inform you all about Special Offer of Mavili Products in MSH company in next weeks.

Last visiting of Trading & Engineering Team of MSH Co. in Mavili factory.

Supplying and Importing required Equipment in Fire protection industry

New Technology of security systems: Supervisor system

Installation of Fire Alarm system in Modava Pharmacy Factory




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